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HSG1400. Conturbex. H900 Fine coal / Salt machine

Vibratory Centrifuge


The highest throughputs are attained with vibratory centrifuges. The solids are retained on the baskets, from which they are transported from the small to the large diameter by axial vibrations which exceed the rotary movement. Vibratory centrifuges are suitable for processing mass products which can easily be dewatered.


Conturbex Centrifuge


The most versatile of our continuously operating centrifuges are worm/screen centrifuges in which the solids retained on the sieve are transported from the small to the large diameter through the angle of inclination of the basket and the slightly different speed of the scraper worm. With an angle of inclination of the basket adapted to the feed material, widely different products such as short fibre cotton linters, ice crystals from freeze concentration or granular plastics, but essentially SALT crystals and FINE COAL of diverse origin and consistency are successfully separated from the mother liquid and, where necessary purified by washing. Depending on the operational conditions, the screen basket is provided with perforated sheets or slot sieves.


Fine Coal H Series


Some of the advantages include:

  • Higher overall recovery of fines (up to 99 % is possible) combined with very low product moisture.
  • 40 % more tonnage than vertical centrifuges of the same size for the same energy costs.
  • Easier to maintain than vertical centrifuges, because horizontal design does not require total disassembly of the machine.


The TEMA Conturbex Coal Centrifuge is a horizontally rotating high gravitational force centrifuge. It is a versatile continuously operating scroll/screen basket centrifuge in which the slurry solids are retained on the screen and transported from the small end to the large diameter end of the screen basket by means of the angle of inclination of the screen basket and the differential speed of the scroll.




Pusher. Turbo cascade. Decanter.

Pusher Centrifuge


Pusher centrifuges are very robust, continuously operating machines, which in double step execution offers highly reliable operation. The solids are retained, as a cake, by a wedge wire basket and pushing motions in axial direction convey them to the discharge point. These centrifuges are employed when considerable wear can be expected and where an extremely low loss of solids in the filtrate and good washing are required.


Turbo Cascade Centrifuge


The Turbo-Cascade is a special centrifuge which was developed for the dewatering of solids with a uniform particle size down to about 0.5mm. The granules slide individually, not as a compact layer, over stepwise arranged screen segments. Baffle plates which rotate with the basket prevent them from jumping to another segment. In spite of the very short retention time of each individual particle in the centrifuge, final moistures down to 0.01% are being attained.

Decanter Centrifuge


Decanter Centrifuges are used to separate very fine solids from liquids of lighter density. The solids form a sediment in the liquid, but are not retained by a screen as in a screening centrifuge. The speed of sedimentation can be increased by adding flocculants. In the solid bowl centrifuge the sedimented solids are transported by the scroll to the smaller diameter and discharged, while fake rolex the clear liquid flows over the adjustable weir at the cylindrical end of the machine. The screen decanter is a combination of a decanter and a screen centrifuge, which has a screen section to further reduce the final moisture. Material passing through the screen section can be recycled to the centrifuge feed.

Variations include:

  • Standard Decanters
  • Twin Cone Decanters
  • Solid Bowl Centrifuges
  • Turbo Screen
  • Conthick - Decanter and Conturbex in one
  • Short Bowl


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